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tv   [untitled]    January 7, 2015 10:00am-10:31am PST

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. >> good morning. welcome welcome to the to the san francisco budget & finance committee january 7, 2015, i'm mark farrell i'll be chairing this committee joined by supervisor avalos and joined by
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myself want to thank the staff madam clerk, any announcements? >> . >> yes. electronic devices. and completed speaker cards and documents to be included should be submitted to the clerk. items acted upon today will appear on the january 13th board of supervisors agenda unless otherwise stated. >> thank you, we're going to tailing call one item out of order item 5 and item 5 is an ordinance amending the administrative code to require the rehe centuries to submitted the annual reports on the number of tenants who receive nos notice of evictions on the same the mayor and the board of supervisors. >> okay. thank you mr. clerk
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this is legislation i sports along with supervisor breed for the statute of limitations of the affordable housing units a across san francisco we place great priority in our homeless and this is a step in the right direction this stems from a series of items from last year around our homelessness issues i want to thank my colleagues for sitting through those hearings and from any prospective we've heard alarming statistics from homelessness 0 that house our vublg are the last resort for me in the first step for getting a better entrap on evictions occurring in our publicly you funded units again, it will mandate the statistics and information to contract with the city to provide contracting
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statistics the city will get the city statistics from the sro's and some housing authority sites and other city run programs it will include the unlawful detainers and the number of tenants and the householder and the reason for the evictions to protect privacy no flying identification will be released missouri will collect the data and compile the report for the portfolios and i have the reporting requirements that gives them eviction information and lastly we're encouraging our information for the past evictions we certainly hope the housing
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providers will submit past information so this trends more quickly and adapts as quickly as possible i want to thank all the housing providers on that issue given the vast resources in keeping them housed on the homelessness i want to make sure we're not spending additional resources for people to end up on our streets 3rir8 we're going everything in our power to keep people housed i want to thank the public health department and the mayor's office of housing and psa and thank you for your hard work into the future this legislation is a first step toe hopefully improving our city's past evictions we're doing a lot at the board of supervisors on this go topic and again, thank you jess from my office for your support and we
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have members of the missouri and dpw for questions and i'd like to ask for your support any questions. >> opening it up for public comment anyone wish to comment on item six at all seeing none, public comment is closed i don't have a budget analyst report so make a motion to approve that madam clerk. >> would i like to adapt the amendment. >> so moved and adapt the line item we'll take that without objection. okay madam clerk cail items one and two together. >> item 4 a completing rec and park department for the pga word golf 3r0i789 to the rec and park
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department important revenue lost during the closer of the golf course and this is the execution of the fourth amendment with the pga for the golf course ending in 2014 that will result in the evaluating 6.9 million. >> okay. thank you madam clerk. >> thank you madam clerk supervisor avalos. >> thank you just first of all i want to thank the rec and park department for you're openness to relook at the agreement with the pga and not only that but to renegotiate a new amendment that i think has terms much better for rec and park in the city just want to say president chiu thank you for your patience and welcome that. >> (inaudible) thank you
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supervisor from the rec and park department we want to thank the budget analyst and the economy for the nudged for the amendment we spoke with the pga tour and made the recommended changes that the budget analyst and this committee suggested. >> few weeks back it is a stronger agreement for the city with that said i want to extend my thanks to the pga they've been great partners since 2009 and some of the benefits are including over $4 million nearly $9 million in egging nofkz and $1.7 million to run times harding park they're doing with no profit and 4 hundred thousand donated for the improvement and more significantly $1.8 million
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in charitable commissioned from our partners in working with the youth and teaching the youth for sport it's been a terrific partnership and most popular beginning in april with the match play 64 of the world's best governors this is a new format it is google going to look like world cup matches and each group go on to the final round it will give people that love golf a great opportunity and explorer out there we're proud of harding it is publicly maintained by the staff and known around the world considered one felt best public
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golf courses in america we're excited to move forward and thank you, very much fewer assistance. >> it is mr. ginsburg if you want to speak on the items. >> i can remind you of the terms of the supplemental appropriations if you like what's our pleasure. >> actually i'll appreciate that. >> sure absolutely as well as an amendment to our master tournament agreements with the tour you have in front of of a appropriation in the amount of $3 million plus through a reimbursement to fund the costs associated with the harding park for the match play tournament happening in april of the $1.3 million $800,000 is associated with costs
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$50,040,000 in benefits and $2,005,060,000,000 in supplies and the remaining to backfill the loss of revenue due to the closer of the golf course and we expect that during the week of the tournament it's our gardening crew will be working 3 hundred and thirty hours of overtime everyday hand watering the golf course and filling holes and our crew will repair any damage from the hospitality facilities that are built out under our master tour agreement the tour will reinforce us up to $2.3 million per the committees request and the recommendation
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when the last item was heard we amended did agreement with the tour the city will invoice the tour for the cost associated with the tournament no matter than 60 days after the close of the tournament. >> okay. thank you no other questions we'll move on to our budget analyst mr. rose. >> on page 7 of our report as stated the rec and park department has revised a proposed fourth amendment subsequent to the 2014 committee meeting to lower the they recalled the percentage shown in table 2 on page 6 of our report as a result, the rec and park department now stimulates the does want will receive one million dollars $300 million
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under the revised fourth apartment e amendment on page 4 of our report resulting in a percentage of rp d of one million dollars plus for the two required and one optional pga tour events we recommend i approve that legislation. >> thank you, mr. rose. >> supervisor avalos. >> harvey thank you and your staff it was structural to help with the renegotiation agreement i noticed there was nothing but bowling but that's on here. >> all right. seeing no other questions i'll open it up for public comment i have two speaker cards and anyone else who wishes to speak please come up to the podium and if there's more than one line up. >> good morning. i'm dan the
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executive order for those who are not familiar we're a local nonprofit to teach the kids life skills and provided opportunity for the game of golf i wanted to say a few brief words it's a unique program and to the effects such the match house in our community there's a common word used in the game of golf and the nonprofits this is impact the golfers their referring to the moment a golf club hits the ball it may make the bail go in a direction it traffic lights directly at their target this makes great
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spectating for thousands for the championship in may this event will once again show case san francisco as the great city in the world, however another thing overlooked not seen object the cover of the sporting green the impact that it has had on charities is a reason to bring the golf tournament to this committee it is an important detail it should not be forgotten for dot all the i's and cross the t's on the agreement the pga tour has given over $2 billion this is more than all major sports combined the impact has been approved and critical 0 to our growth and success the single largest
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contributor and the pga tour as a result of this support over 50 thousand students of the san francisco unified school district has participated in the program over the past 10 years in 201410 thousand kids took advantage of this and over 5 thousand rounds of golf was you if he intubtsdz by our organization the majority of our kids are at risk in the bayview and hunters point and the sunnyvale the positive effects of the program have been nothing support short of a miracle it is possible by the pga and the partnership with the city of san francisco and the rec and park department lastly we look forward to continuing to grow and provide the much needed opportunity for the kids the pga match in the years to come will
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be critical to achieving our mission of impacting the underserved youth of the city i want to thank the to your and the city and the receptionist for their support now and in the future thank you for your consideration. >> any other speakers wish to comment on item 1. >> hello, i'm tom clark the executive order for the golf tour this will be the fifth event i've worked on in san francisco on behalf of the pga and our players we're extremely excited to be back i was gone for a couple of years it's very, very nice to be back in san francisco we're looking forward to our continued relationship with phil and his team this is a very special place to come out and play in the pga harding park they were big part of the decision to come back and for us
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it is very, very important we worked for our players and this is a phenomenal city we love of the charity it supports thank you, everybody for your support i'm happy to answer any questions you may have. thank you thanks very much anyone wish to comment on item one or two seeing none, public comment is closed. we have a reputation from our budget analyst but we have small amendments can you have a motion to accept those we'll take that without objection. >> items 1 and 2 as amended can i have a motion to approve that we'll take that without objection. as well. >> okay madam clerk move on to item 3. >> item 3 is a resolution approving the lease between pc and e and the city's as bayview
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for approximately a think a radio program and adapting the finding. >> okay thanks we have sfmta to speak on the item. >> good morning. i'm frank project manager for the radio project this is the presentation here sfmta radio systems. >> why they are the voice. >> could you speak a little bit closer to the mike. >> to all the sfmta buses and trains and transit and maintenance workers the current system as lovingly radio channels and serving approximately 11 buses and trains and 2 hundred maintenance vehicles and handheld rising radios this is 35 years ago the current system didn't have the
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data bandwidth to support the operation the current radio system is no longer supported by my manufacturer the system will operate from 4 radio based stations with additional frequency for a total of 26 radio channels that's more than double of the frequency rate the new radio system will have the channels and data band to support of the transit service to provide future growth in addition the new radio system will add state of the art transformation system features with the system can't provide it includes integrated automatic passenger counter and automatic
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announcements at the next stop at muni trains for above ground train stops in order for the ada compliance it will offer a better voice and communication data throughout the city for the major subways and tunnels that will have the good graphic system design that the back up system could take ♪ case of the system failure it requires 40 radio transit sites throughout the city the other sites have been identified the proposed lease will cover the last necessary site for radio in the south west quadrant of the city it will be used for radio
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transitioned and no city equipment 0 throughout the city it will have 3 options at the fixed rate a 25 year total if the options are exercised it is at fair market value at $66 per month with a slither increase flaunl on the infrastructure improvement including the electric and mechanic and providing emergency generators it is stimulated costs it will begin as soon as possible the lease is on and the completion of the system in july of 2016 sfmta board has adapted otherwise a lease on october 7,
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2014 and the first approval was required because this is a 10 year lease term budget analyst has reviewed it and has recommended approval of the lease goldstein map of the proposed site it's a private land surrounding by a bayview park and on the right-hand side is a picture of the councilmember buscaino that was an existing radio tower >> this lease is very important for the success fill completion the execution of the lease what the development company and the tenant at the 1 bayview road park road in san francisco for the use as
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a bay station for sfmta radio operations this is the end of my presentation i'm available for questions. >> thank you very much colleagues questions for the sfmta. >> yes. mr. chairman on page 15 we report that the annual basis electricity will be funded by the sfmta operating budget in the 2016-2017 the sfmta will pay an estimated improvement base rent and electricity in table 7 on page 16 of our report we recommend you approve 2, 3, 4 this recommendation. >> thank you, mr. rose we'll opening it up for public comment anyone wish to comment seeing
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none, public comment is closed send this item forward okay. >> amendments from the budget analyst? >> mr. chairman we recommend that you approve this. >> okay another motion by supervisor mar we'll take that without objection. madam clerk call item number four. >> item four resolution 30 years the sfmta to expend a grant from the state grant fund from the conservatism program. >> good morning steve richie the general manager for the puc members of the committee we're asking you to remedy the following action to the board to expend the $203,000 grant for our large escape grant part of a
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larger conservation grant to water agencies under the water management program in particular those funds are going to agitate existing puc funding for portable irrigation landscape areas particularly to use to help fund the improvements of the parks it is about the 7th project we've done this way in terms of the cost-share with the vice president with the rec and park department to improve the efficiency and safe water i'm happy to answer any questions you may have. >> colleagues any questions okay. seeing none mr. rose your report on item 4. >> yes. own page 19 of our report we report that the total alamo budget is


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